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❝ You do not need pasta. ❞

— Me laying in bed talking to myself at 1:30 in the morning  (via seabelle)
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can’t go B  A  C  K

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Friendly reminder that Gwen Stacy was brave as hell and always ready to put the safety of others before that of herself 

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diagon alley | diana kelly photography.

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First and last free fall of the movie.

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Me after watching TASM2 for the fifth time



just give him the fucking blood Peter?!!!

it won’t like hurt or something??!!

Harry freaking loves u okay he will be…

yes obviously the only reason i was using caps was to get attention. not because i am really mad or anything like that. and wow are you sure you werent talking to me? i had no freaking idea. and yes a whole lot of dane blogs dont know the first thing about mcu but that absolutely does not mean we ALL dont. the simple way to put it is that what you said was rude and frankly biast- if you had presented your opinion in a more civil manner then you might not have gotten all this backlash

There was nothing rude about my original post. A post suggesting that Peter’s actions were selfish and blaming him for Harry’s transformation is no different than giving my views on why it’s his own fault. You don’t like my opinion so you dismiss it as reckless criticism which I would say is exactly what op did. You also seem to be of the opinion I am bothered by disagreeing. I reblogged this post SPECIFICALLY because I want to disagree and EXPECT backlash. It’s called debate and it happens when you post things on the internet. Thanks for playing, have a good day. My point stands. 

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What about the Jeopardy! theme Harry hums? Was that your idea?
That was in the script. But then on the day they were like, “I don’t think we can do the Jeopardy! song!,” because, you know, you have to pay for it! And I was like, “No, we have to do the Jeopardy! song—it’s way too cool!” I fought for it. x

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otp challenge: [3/7] scenes —> what’s your name?

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